December 3rd, 2018

What’s Your Pick: Hipster Look or the Vintage Smart Look?

Do you find yourself running out of options when searching for that rare piece of vintage clothing in malls and boutiques? Or do you gravitate towards the latest trends and love to experiment with outfits to stand out from the crowd?
Here’s a glance into Hipster and Vintage look:

The Hipster Look

Rocking the hipster look is fairly easy as you will find tons of style options in every mall you visit. The trick is to shop for trendy clothing and experiment with varieties to break away from convention.
In the image above, you can see how a half-sleeve denim jacket can work well with ripped denim shorts. When recreating this look, make sure to complete it with a pair of black Wayfarer Sunglasses and a sleek wristwatch.

The Vintage Look

Vintage look has a timeless charm, and will always stay in vogue. However, it may not always be easy to nail the look as malls and boutiques prefer to stock up on more trendy clothing than rare and vintage ones.
When going for a vintage look, make sure to pay attention to even the most subtle details such as your moustache and beard styling. Neutral and dark colours work the best for vintage styling. Here’s an example of a simplistic type of vintage look which is perfectly complemented by a pair of Polarised Round Sunglasses.

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