, The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!
December 10th, 2020

The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!

It seems like only yesterday when we were flaunting our shades in the sun until the lockdown took over in March. There’s no definite solution yet but the good thing is 2020 is almost over and the New Year is on the horizon.

If you are someone who doesn’t pay heed to the whole ‘time is relative’ notion, you’ll agree that the arrival of a new year brings much excitement among the masses. Not just excitement, there’s new trends, topics, craze etc. Naturally, sunglasses have their own thing.

If you like to be in the know of the hottest eyewear trend that will shine in 2021, then you must read till the end.

Here goes…

Butterfly Frames

, The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!

Quintessential glamour eyewear that makes a dynamic statement and an essential accessory for anyone looking to break the chain of monotony. Eyewear trends are slowly shifting from micro, mid-90 frames to huge face-shielding options and the butterfly frames seem to be the crowd favourite now. They not only go well with a multitude of face shape but they also excel in functional aspects by blocking overhead sunlight. Butterfly frames are hard to miss and they can effortlessly help you stand out.

If butterfly frames won your heart then you can find them here.



, The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!

Round sunglasses have always been popular with the crowd but their popularity has increased exceptionally well since the last two years and the next year is looking no different. The metal-rimmed round frames from the 80s and 90s are getting more attention this season and they’re again ready to take over the eyewear trend of 2021. With more and more celebrities seen donning a round frame, it is only adding to their growing admiration. Looks like these quirky frames are here to stay.

If round frames are your thing then you can find them here.



, The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!

Yet another classic from the retro era that has stood the test of time. They’re known for their bold and sassy designs that are sure to steal a second glance. They are the most popular choice for women’s glasses and are now being introduced as rimless glasses in the new season. The flirtatious style of Cateyes makes them the quintessential eyewear for anyone looking to amp up their fashion statement. Whatever mood you find yourself into- the bossy babe or the naughty mystery, you can find a frame of your choice.

Want to go the bold way with Cateyes? Start here.


Anti-Blue Eyeglasses

, The hottest eyewear trends of 2021!

If there’s one thing this pandemic gave us plenty is time. We spent hours behind digital screens and made our eyes suffer as well. With the online classes, never-ending work from home schedules, our eyes were constantly bombarded with blue light from the digital screens that are known to cause eye strain, headaches and insomnia. So it’s only natural that anti-blue computer glasses became popular and have become one of the top trends to look forward to in 2021.

And they’re not your boring run-of-the-mill reading glasses. They’re available in a variety of styles and colours that meets your fashion requirement as well.

Give your eyes a break with the anti-blue computer glasses from here.


If you read the entire thing then congratulations! You’re now aware of the hottest eyewear trend that is going to be all the rage in 2021.

Take your pick and show off to your friends and colleagues.

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